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Tristan Phillips
Owner/Head Primate & Coach

Tristan began his career in the health and fitness industry in 2000, with a passion for Kung Fu.  The art of the Kung Fu system drew him in, and he spent ten years practicing and teaching the intricacies of Kung Fu.   In 2008, Tristan discovered kettlebells, which connected with him in the same way.  People call kettlebells the martial arts of strength training, and this is a motto Tristan absolutely believes in.  His love of movement turned into a love of strength as well.  Tristan spent the next couple years completely obsessed with learning how to pick up and manipulate all the heavy things. Kettlebells, barbells, sandbags, etc. 

Tristan hasn't looked back since.   He takes every opportunity to learn, and realized quickly that incorporating movement into Kettlebell programs only made them stronger.   With impressive certifications like: Russian Kettlebell Certification (2010), Certified Kettlebell Funtional Movement Specialist (2011), Primal Move (Ground Force Method)(2013), Maximum Impact Barbell Instructor (2013), Strongfirst Kettlebell Certification (2013), Original Strength Certified Instructor (2014), and many more, Tristan is an expert who knows how to help people get stronger and move better.

According to Tristan, if you don’t move well, you can’t be truly strong. Strength and movement are inseparable. The quality of your life is directly related to how well you move. When you can’t move well, you stop moving. The less you move, the worse you move. That’s how it all starts. You don’t fall apart because you age. You fall apart because you sit more and move less.


Samantha Clink

Primal Revival Coach & All Around Bad Ass


Samantha is a Certified Functional Strength Coach (2018) and holds a Level One Original Strength Press RESET Certification (2019). She has been an athlete her entire life, and she used to push through many sports-related injuries, which is what initially brought her to Primal Revival. Samantha was a swimmer on her college and high school teams, and she was a CrossFitter for three years. The combination of Kettlebell training and Functional Movement and the idea of moving with intention attracted her to Primal Revival, but the focus on “gains without pains” kept her here. She has a love for swimming and cycling and likes to compete in sprint triathlons. She also plays volleyball year-round on two different co-ed teams. Functional Movement has changed her life, and Primal Revival has helped her swim faster, jump higher, breathe easier, and move better. She is a passionate and positive coach because she knows that this sh*t works, and she wants all of our clients to move better and get stronger.


When she’s not living in gym clothes, she works in the nonprofit sector in marketing and social media. Like most people, personal experiences inspire Samantha. She knows first-hand the importance of breathing and understands how impossible everything in life is when it is restricted. For her early adult life, she was the primary caretaker for her mother, who suffered from Pulmonary Fibrosis. She watched her mother struggle to breathe her entire life. At 40 years old her mother received a life-saving double-lung and heart transplant, and she was able to breathe (and laugh) comfortably for the first time in her life. This experience shaped Samantha’s path and serves as daily motivation to stay healthy and get stronger.  

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